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Here are two more screenshots of FVWM-Crystal on Zenwalk 4.0.

I have to admit (being the fan on Fluxbox!) that the performance of my “compie” is not very much different to Zenwalk 4.0 with Fluxbox. I would say it’s comparable 🙂


With my “fav” applications opened (conky, aterm, Eterm…and…hm – Firefox) – second “screenie” features opened menu of FVWM-Crystal.

I made one more wallpaper for the fans of Zenwalk, he he…

Available here:

PS. FVWM-Crystal has brilliant keybindings to manage your music if you use XMMS2 or MPD (mini-howto on MPD coming soon – stay tuned! 😉 )

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…the wallpapers available here:





I hope you will like them,

tami 🙂

FVWM-Crystal on Zenwalk 4.0

…with conky…and new wallpaper…



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Just to say thank you to developers of Zenwalk 4.0 – the best distro I tried so far 🙂

I took the picture today – I think it suits Zenwalk, doesn’t it? 😉

All the best from happy user,

tami 🙂

Zenwalk background

…and screenshot of my Zenwalk 4.0 desktop

I was experimenting a bit lately and installed new distro’es – OK, let’s say “nearly new” 😉

1. First is Fluxbuntu – as Linux fans already know it it is a derivative of Ubuntu. BUT – as I found out – MUCH QUICKER, LIGHTER and – much easier to install than the “big U/K/Xubuntu brothers and sisters”. It was the first Ubuntu I managed to install with graphical installer…Taking into account that Fluxbuntu is under heavy development and the version installed by me is pre-released one I think it will be a GREAT DISTRO!

2. Second one is the newest Zenwalk 4.0 – and what can I say? I tried Zenwalk few times in the past – beginning from version 2.8 – this time the distro seems to work even FASTER! The nicest thing here is that EVERYTHING is working out of the box – at least for the kind of user like me – rather average one ;). What I also like a lot about especially this version of Zenwalk is THE LOOK and FEEL of it – fantastic graphic work. What’s more – the look does not affect the efficiency – computer is running as smooth with and without “special” effects 🙂 (built-in composite in XFCE and Fluxbox) and – as the fan of Fluxbox – I immediately installed it – nice thing here is that Fluxbox is the newest, pre-released version – much better than the older one 😉 Shortly speaking from now on my distro’es of choice are Zenwalk and Fluxbox – both installed side by side on the separate partitions of my desktop and laptop. And – NO! – I am not a geek…LOL…not at all! I am very average computer user “playing” with Linux distro’es for a 1/2 year now – you see – it’s possible! Thanks to the developers of such Linux distro’es as Fluxbox and Zenwalk🙂

Back to the subject of the entry – I decided today to “create” another blog – this time devoted fully to “tami’s adventures in Linux Land” in other words – to small howto’es and tips for persons as me – not very “tech-savvy” but wanting their computers to work without the glitch to be able to use them!

So – here it is! 😉

Many kind and friendly greetings to all from,




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