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…yeah – sidux is one year old. Just one year and still you can wonder how life has looked before this Linux and Debian flavor came to life 😉

Anyway – today I manged at last to install it on my 8GB USB-stick. I have sidux-Eros Live together with my keys, mini-pocket-knife and and mini-torch now. No more Windows on borrowed laptops. What a relief…

Long live sidux!

Best wishes from grateful,

tami 🙂

PS. If you, wonderful developers of sidux, feel like too less challenges lately – how about special version of sidux for Asus EEE PC ? 😀 😉

EDIT: UUUps – it seems I overlooked one very important ting.

It seems that Assus violates GPL in its product 😦 :

So, it’s nearly impossible and for sure – very difficult! – for the engineers of sidux to make the fully working version for the little EEE PC…

What a pity!

This could be such nice tool.

I hope that they (developers connected to Assus) will release the code for we really wanted to own it (me and my husband)…

Anyway – all the best to all hard working and honest people around from


EDIT: it seems that missig code was a mistake. Read the article on engadget

Actually I am glad! Perhaps some smart people will now be able to make Asus EEE work with sidux or FaunOS… I really hope so!

All the best from still a bit busy ,

tami 🙂


This is just a short note – Ερως, in other words saying: sidux 2007-04 is out today.

I am still away from my home – working and actually writing it from work 😉

As soon as I will come back home I plan to write more about new sidux-Ερως as well as to install it on the USB-stick.

Right now I’m using FaunOS on the stick and I would like to write about my 2 months long experience with this brilliant piece of software, too.

And last but not least:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIDUX! and congratulations to marvelous development team. You are doing a great GREAT job.

All of the best from,

tami 🙂

Aicani, my husband, and me – we have spent last weekend on building computer “from scratch” 🙂

…and – we succeeded! Computer’s name is tamaic – it’s very fast comparing to my previous one which served me very well for a year.

Of course, I installed the newest sidux Gaia on it – runs splendid (despite of not working – again! – printer – Lexmark. Probably it’s the highest time to exchange printer…).

Here follow specifications of my new “friend” 😉 :

Box includes:
Cabinet: X-Gear Nero kabinett SORT
Main board with integrated graphic card (NVidia GeForce 7050): ASRock ALiveNF7G-HDready
Processor AMD Sempron: 3600+ 2.0GHz Socket AM2 Boxed
Memory/ RAM: Kingston 1024MB DDR2 PC5300
Hard drive: Seagate 80GB DiamondMAX 21 SATA2
DVD-burner: NEC AD-7170 DVD±RW 18x Dual layer

And the “results” of infobash -v3:

Host/Kernel/OS “tamaic” running Linux x86_64 [ sidux 2007-03.1 – Γαια – kde-full – (200708151429) ]
CPU Info AMD Sempron 3600+ 256 KB cache flags( sse sse2 nx lm pni ) clocked at [ 1000.000 MHz ]
Videocard nVidia Unknown device 053b X.Org 1.3.0 [ 1280×1024 @50hz ]
Network cards nVidia Unknown device 054c, at port: d880

Processes 97 | Uptime 8:02 | Memory 334.4/879.0MB | HDD ATA MAXTOR STM380215 Size 80GB (12%used) | GLX Renderer GeForce 7050 PV / NVIDIA nForce 630a/PCI/SSE2 | GLX Version 2.1.1 NVIDIA 100.14.11 | Client Shell | Infobash v2.67

Pictures (this time not screen shots!) of TAMAIC powered by LINUX SIDUX!:





Tamaic is not only faster than my old one – it’s also very inexpensive – ca 1/3 of the price of “ready made” one with the same specifications… and – we had a lot of fun while putting it together.

Best wishes to all from very glad

tami 🙂

Quoting craigevil – the sidux Forum member – these are following tools:


siduxcc (sidux-control-center)

sidux smxi dist-upgrade/ maintenance script, kernel install

klamp – kde frontend to running lamp


new script: svmi – a virtual machine installer… … highlight=<!– m

“It is cool little things like the above that make running sidux so much fun. Not to mention the fun and helpful people in the forum, IRC and the great manual.” says author, and adds:”Not to mention the upgrade warnings and fixes that keep Sid running like a charm.”

And I have to agree with him totally + one more very important feature of sidux:

This Debian Sid distro can be run without obligatory reinstallations every half year – being constantly up-to-date!


tami 🙂

EDIT No 1: We should also remember:

Splendid sidux Manual (translated to many languages!), link :

Very interesting and full of interesting Tips – sidux Wiki, link:

And new manual explaining how to make the best use out of sidux install-meta application – Meta-manual, link:

Last but not least there is also possibility to get help from very engaged (although sometimes rather concise… 😉 ) sidux forum members, forum moderators and developers, link:

…and sidux IRC chanel, links:

The EDIT – thanks to craigevil and op4latino in this tread on sidux Forum:

This complex system of really well designed and professionally prepared help tools plus engagement and knowledge of sidux maintainers-developers and  sidux-fans make this distro different from the others!

Once again – all the best to all,

tami 🙂

Another step in the history of sidux. Third release in relatively short history of this splendid Linux distro. What can I say?

I think that sidux is simply brilliant piece of engineer work. I am running it on both my computers after a relatively long period of looking for a right for me Linux flavor.

It looks good and works even better. Community is also strong point of sidux – people gathered there are not only helpful but most of all knowledgeable. One can find an answer to most of ones Linux connected questions by simply searching on Forum or taking a look into fantastic Manual or last but not least – on sidux-Wiki (check the links!).

You can also find direct help very often  from sidux developers or other high-skilled sidux-fans here – on sidux-IRC..

One way or another – if you not only want to “run Linux”…. (he he – it seems it’s more and more “in”…or “cool”, isn’t it? 😉  ) – but also LEARN Linux and how your computer actually works – try sidux – you will not only get fully functioning, modern Debian based Linux – but also help from real professionals.

It’s not easy to convince me to be a fan of anything – sidux managed to make it.

Try it – you will find out that I do not exaggerate.

Best wishes to all – and one more time – Big Thank You to sidux-folk from,

tami 🙂

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