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I have been trying different Debian distro lately. There were Debian Etch and Sid, grml and Elive.

…and than at the beginning of March – I decided to give a try to Sidux – nicely related to Kanotix from which my “romance” with Linux has actually began.

Sidux is really splendid! The standard version of the first released version of Sidux features KDE desktop but it’s very easy to change the defaults to another lighter versions of Linux such as XFCE DE or Fluxbox WM through supplied by the creators of the distro Meta packages.

It’s also easy for a bit more advanced Linux user to install other window managers (like ion3 or wmii) through apt-get – Sidux, as probably most of you know, is based on Debian Sid – it means easy way to install thousands of programs! Sidux crew makes it also very convenient – even for relatively not very technical savvy user as me 😉 – to maintain Sid based distro – one can take an advantage of available scripts supplied by Sidux fans such as f.i. by h2 – friendly Sidux forum moderator and developer 🙂 (big thank you!).

Forums of Sidux are full of helpful and competent persons. What’s more – on their webpage one can find the links to the “Treasure Box” of informations like their Wiki and splendid Manual. You have to admit that those young people really take care of their users and treat the task of being Linux distro developer seriously…and you simply feel like helping them in return – according to me they choose the right way 🙂 (I just wish their enthusiasm will last forever…)

Coming back to my own experience with Sidux:

1. For the first it’s very polished, as for such a young project, product – it recognized all components of my hardware without a glitch – I even did not encountered problems with my ATI Rage graphic card which usually gives some small problems (probably because of its age 😉 ). There is no problems in recognizing other components of the hardware here – such as CDROM- and DVD drive neither – very nice surprise!

2. Sidux crew and fans take also care of the look of their product (they even have Wallpaper Competition now and supply their own icons wallpapers with the distro – take look, please at the Artwork section of Linux forum where you can find the works of those fantastic people – and from I “grabbed” the chili logo of Sidux to my modest wallpaper). The art section is nicely and very quickly growing there…

3. I did not encountered any problems with Sidux on my desktop by so far – running and upgrading it regularly for 3 weeks now I did not check its performance on laptop yet – I’m waiting for the new version which is to come some day in April 🙂 (honestly speaking – i cannot wait to try it!)

4. Sidux is very, really VERY! fast – even on my 7 years old desktop – at least it feels so 🙂

So – summing up – if you are looking for your dream computer desktop, you care of the environment (by using and “reusing” owned by you things ;)!) and you take into account learning Linux (just a bit…) – try Sidux Linux – I can really strongly recommend it as the Linux user (exclusively Linux!) for a year now…

…and to give you some view on this brilliant product – here’s a few screen shots-“testers” or perhaps I should call them “teasers”…? 😉 of my desktop:

Sidux with Ion3 - standard wallpaper

Sidux, Ion3 and ncmpc

...and with the funny chili-sidux wallpaper :)

(pure wallpaper – still “work under construction” – available here). Logo used in the “wallie” by Cathbard – creator of many other  sidux Artwork masterpieces available here.

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