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Another step in the history of sidux. Third release in relatively short history of this splendid Linux distro. What can I say?

I think that sidux is simply brilliant piece of engineer work. I am running it on both my computers after a relatively long period of looking for a right for me Linux flavor.

It looks good and works even better. Community is also strong point of sidux – people gathered there are not only helpful but most of all knowledgeable. One can find an answer to most of ones Linux connected questions by simply searching on Forum or taking a look into fantastic Manual or last but not least – on sidux-Wiki (check the links!).

You can also find direct help very often  from sidux developers or other high-skilled sidux-fans here – on sidux-IRC..

One way or another – if you not only want to “run Linux”…. (he he – it seems it’s more and more “in”…or “cool”, isn’t it? 😉  ) – but also LEARN Linux and how your computer actually works – try sidux – you will not only get fully functioning, modern Debian based Linux – but also help from real professionals.

It’s not easy to convince me to be a fan of anything – sidux managed to make it.

Try it – you will find out that I do not exaggerate.

Best wishes to all – and one more time – Big Thank You to sidux-folk from,

tami 🙂

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I used last two days on developing new image of my sidux desktop – to make it still more helpful and perhaps also serving more productivity…

Thanks to my Debian set up and Google search I found two brilliant applications: when and todo.txt.

When is “an extremely simple personal calendar program” as they say on their web page – but as for me – simple is beautiful! It works splendid showing you upcoming tasks and calendar. Adding tasks is simple and requires only ability to write in your favorite editor…

Todo.txt is simple script developed by Gina Trappani – you’ve probably heard of her and the Lifehacker web site, don’t you? 😉 If not – I strongly recommend the place as you can find a lot of nice tips not only for using computer CLI but also some practical life hints (PLI…? 😉 ) Check f.i. Gina’s text here.

Following hints on when and todo.txt web pages (though changing them slightly…LOL) I added both applications to my .bashrc.

And this is how my sidux/wmii desktop welcomes me now while opening terminal:

Happy “human productivity”,

tami 🙂

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EDIT: another nice tool found or rather rediscovered by me last week is pal.

You can install it on any Debian based distro by simply:

# apt-get install pal

This is very nice, little application which lets you organize your events as well as TODO list! read the man page to learn more, please 🙂

After installing it you can also add it to your .bahsrc:

$ pal -r 7

and than, of course reload your bash by typing a commend:

$ source .bashrc

The effect of your editing will be nice calendar + todo and events list at the bash prompt (each time you open your terminal). See new screenshot:


Happy “sourcing” 😉


Yesterday the first preview of an upcoming 3rd release of sidux 2007-03 “Γαῖα” have been released. Forums are busy – and it seems that the full-featured release of sidux “Γαῖα” will be as worth of trying as the previous ones 🙂

IMHO sidux is not only worth trying but also worth maintaining. The reasons for it are simple:

1. It is Debian Sid

2. It is made by professionals

3 It’s relatively easy to maintain – you do not need to reinstall every 6th month (under two conditions though – that you will keep the fast pace of upgrading distro every day 😉 – the script by h2 – called now smxi – will be your best friend and that you will read warnings on sidux forum – where you can also find the best help available around.)

4. It’s fast, stable (yes – this flavor of Sid is stable), fresh and…hmmm… as friendly as Γαῖα should be…

The best recommendation I could give is that it is installed as THE ONLY operating system on both of my machines for soon 1/2 year now. Even my PCLinuxOS addicted husband had to admit lately that the best rescue LiveCD is… sidux…he he…

Handy links for newcomers:

sidux forum

sidux manual

download link 1 (http) and download link 2 (ftp) – (if you are new to Linux – wait for the stable release – which is to come in 2-3 weeks!)

and last but not least – splendid help-tool => smxi script by h2 (besides – his back-up script – – is as brilliant as smxi… Big thanks! )

All of the best and have fun with sidux,


“Obligatory” screenshot – this is how sidux can also look – here with fvwm-crystal window manager.

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Today I’ve read the post on sidux forum in which the poster asks for helping him with the confusion around upgrading procedure while maintaining distro up-to-date.


I think it can be most common problem – especially for people new to sidux and/ or to Linux. “To ease their pain” 😉 I would like to share my way of doing things – with the hope it could help.


So – here are some hints/ tips for let’s say – “sidux newcomers”:


1. At least in my case I am doing dist-upgrade everyday. To be on the safe side I type in terminal (as root, of course):


~ apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -d


Notice especially this -d at the end – it means that apt-get will check for upgrades and download all of them.


But then it will stop until you will not repeat command dist-upgrade without -d.


This is very useful because you have the time to take a look if apt-get “would not like to” remove something important from your computer.


If this is the case move to point 2a.


If not you can safely move to point 2b.


2a. If apt-get “wants” to remove some packages I turn to sidux web page in particular:


sidux news




sidux forum – here I check All the news about sidux and Upgrade Warnings (EN & DE). And either somebody else has noticed before you that apt-get is “in the vicious humor” or you can open your thread asking how to behave.


All in all it’s the time to wait for the help from our fantastic devs.


Now – as you probably know – you should ALWAYS do dist-upgrade in console and in init 3!



The easiest way to remember all of the important steps is to simply use magical script by our “saviour” 😉 h2.


Just in case you did not find this amazing tool, here’s the link:


and here’s the link to the thread about h2’s script on sidux forum:


du-fixes script: information and updates


and thus we are coming to the easiest part – using script of h2:




2b. Once again – you should always make dist-upgrade in console and in init 3 mode. To make it correctly while being in GUI (Graphical User Interface) press Ctrl+Alt+F1, than while in the console (black screen 😉 ) log in as the root and just to be on the safe side type:


~ init 3


(the script will do this for you…but – the best thing is to take care yourself, isn’t it? 😉 )


than – after installing “scripten” ;), of course – type:




…and the magic begins – script usually takes care of most “rocks” on the sid path…


Check yourself!



Disclaimer I: this howto is aimed to real newcomers – so, please do not be annoyed by very detailed instructions I tried to give here.


Disclaimer II: If you are new to all of this – do not be afraid and do not give up –


I were as you are now just ca. 1 year ago…


I hope it will be of a use and help.



EDIT: has changed name lately to sm! Despite this – script works as well as before 😉

EDIT2: sm has changed the name to smxi – still working as the charm! 


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