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I managed to “create” my first bash script today… And yes – you guess it right – this is the script made off of the little alias I wrote of earlier.

The script is called – but you are welcome to change it! 😉

It’s creating the file at your $HOME/diary/ directory – just as the Calendar extension to vim (with vim’s suffix .cal) – so you can also see it in your vim calendar now… My son is laughing at me that I try to make emacs out of vim….LOL But it’s not true – the aim of the script was:
1. To exercise writing small scripts
2. To create something useful for me – the possibility to quickly write down some thoughts while “playing around” in terminal.

Just in case if anybody would like to play with similar things as I do, here goes the mini-script:

#! /bin/bash
# Silly – or perhaps funny? – diary writing mini-script…
YEAR=$(date “+%Y”)
MONTH=$(date “+%-m”)
DAY=$(date “+%-d”).cal

mkdir -p $DESTDIR
cd $DESTDIR && date +%T | cat >> $DAY ; cat >> $DAY ; echo | tac >> $DAY
echo "Have a nice day :o)"

(to make it work you are to copy it and save it – best at $HOME but in your path. If you would like to know more about it – try to read this: Writing shell scripts [especially this part: About PATH] or this: Bash and bash scripts. When you will have the file – fi. called in your path [here it is $HOME/bin/ directory] -> open terminal -> write: cd bin/ -> write: chmod u+x Now it will be possible to execute script from your terminal by simply writing After executing=typing in the terminal you will be able to note your thoughts directly in the terminal. When you finish -> press: Ctrl+d on the empty line -> script will finish the work then… )

Have a fun – and feel free to change it to your heart content,

tami :o)

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