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…no, I did not begin to stutter 😉

I just tried once again Awesome Window Manager. And I have to admit – it’s brilliant. Awesome is a tiling Window Manager. It was based on dwm at the beginning – but now  it is rewritten and many nice features are added.

Awesome has relatively easy to understand configuration file through which you can tweak it to your liking. You can change keyboard shortcuts, colors, fonts etc. And still you can take an advantage of tiling Window Managers – that is – window manager is taking care of the placement of the desktop windows. I find it very relieving and… hm – “Zen”-like.

I used one of the first versions of Awesome in the past – and I’m glad to notice the quick development of it. Awesome is small and very quick (at least here and for me!) but in the same time it supports basic “eye-candy. With the help of xcompmgr, one can acquire shadows and if you set the background with the help of feh + configure your urxvt and xorg, you can also acquire real transparency in terminal.

Today I will just share some screen shots I made. I would also like to share some links with you, I found helpful while editing my .awesomerc. So, here it goes.

Nice introduction to Awesome especially for Arch Linux users

Interesting tread about Awesome on Ubuntu forum

and last but not least – fantastic Wiki by Awesome WM users and developers!

If you are interested in my .awesomerc – hmmm…it’s still “the work in  progress” – but, here is the link to pdf with it:

My “personal” awesomerc (for version 2.1)

My “personal” awesomerc (for version 2.2)

And here go those promised above screen shots (click on the thumbnails below to see the bigger version!):

Awesome with Minefield, transparent urxvt and conky Clean Awesome
Busy Awesome with Pidgin and transparent URXVT Beauty of tiling!

If, by a chance, you like the wallpaper – here is the link (just “click” on the picture below)

Enjoy – and Joyful, Peaceful Easter!


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I installed Arch Linux on another partition – side by side with sidux 😉

I tried to accomplish the task around a year ago – without a success, he he.

This time – it seemed rather easy – after reading carefully the instructions – splendid Beginners Guide – on the Arch Linux Wiki my “compie” is “up and running” – or should I say – FLYING! I have to admit that it is fantastic piece of engineering work. But – one should read very carefully theirs Forum and Wiki to setup the hardware. Here everything is set – external hard disk, camera, video camera, dvd burner… It took me two days – but it was worth it! 🙂

Sidux is much easier – both installation and hardware setup working mostly out of the box – but “playing” with Arch gives the great satisfaction and teaches you quite a lot.

OK – just for now my desktop features XFCE with original wallpaper – despite Marvin coming from Everaldo icon set I found on KDE-look site.

Here’s the screenshot:

Arch Linux

I hope you enjoy it. Anyway – this is my new toy:)

It does not mean I will not run sidux any longer – my plan is to maintain both of those masterpieces and observe the development of two differently based rolling-release distro’ es.

Have a nice day.

tami 🙂

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