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…so – I did not write here for a while – but to update quickly:
1. I am still having a lot of fun with Arch Linux (proof below)
2. My next “adventure” in the desktop area is PekWM – easy to adjust “Box-like” Window Manager.
3. Visible on the screenshot: conky (setup: thanks to fantastic Arch Linux community gathered at Arch Linux Forum), pypanel, urxvt (showing details of theme! – script from Forum) and wonderful wallpaper from deviantART by ~layil-lachrimarum.

I hope you like it. Enjoy!

tami 🙂

by ~Tamihania on deviantART


I installed Arch Linux on another partition – side by side with sidux 😉

I tried to accomplish the task around a year ago – without a success, he he.

This time – it seemed rather easy – after reading carefully the instructions – splendid Beginners Guide – on the Arch Linux Wiki my “compie” is “up and running” – or should I say – FLYING! I have to admit that it is fantastic piece of engineering work. But – one should read very carefully theirs Forum and Wiki to setup the hardware. Here everything is set – external hard disk, camera, video camera, dvd burner… It took me two days – but it was worth it! 🙂

Sidux is much easier – both installation and hardware setup working mostly out of the box – but “playing” with Arch gives the great satisfaction and teaches you quite a lot.

OK – just for now my desktop features XFCE with original wallpaper – despite Marvin coming from Everaldo icon set I found on KDE-look site.

Here’s the screenshot:

Arch Linux

I hope you enjoy it. Anyway – this is my new toy:)

It does not mean I will not run sidux any longer – my plan is to maintain both of those masterpieces and observe the development of two differently based rolling-release distro’ es.

Have a nice day.

tami 🙂

Quoting craigevil – the sidux Forum member – these are following tools:


siduxcc (sidux-control-center)

sidux smxi dist-upgrade/ maintenance script, kernel install

klamp – kde frontend to running lamp


new script: svmi – a virtual machine installer… … highlight=<!– m

“It is cool little things like the above that make running sidux so much fun. Not to mention the fun and helpful people in the forum, IRC and the great manual.” says author, and adds:”Not to mention the upgrade warnings and fixes that keep Sid running like a charm.”

And I have to agree with him totally + one more very important feature of sidux:

This Debian Sid distro can be run without obligatory reinstallations every half year – being constantly up-to-date!


tami 🙂

EDIT No 1: We should also remember:

Splendid sidux Manual (translated to many languages!), link :

Very interesting and full of interesting Tips – sidux Wiki, link:

And new manual explaining how to make the best use out of sidux install-meta application – Meta-manual, link:

Last but not least there is also possibility to get help from very engaged (although sometimes rather concise… 😉 ) sidux forum members, forum moderators and developers, link:

…and sidux IRC chanel, links:

The EDIT – thanks to craigevil and op4latino in this tread on sidux Forum:

This complex system of really well designed and professionally prepared help tools plus engagement and knowledge of sidux maintainers-developers and  sidux-fans make this distro different from the others!

Once again – all the best to all,

tami 🙂

Another step in the history of sidux. Third release in relatively short history of this splendid Linux distro. What can I say?

I think that sidux is simply brilliant piece of engineer work. I am running it on both my computers after a relatively long period of looking for a right for me Linux flavor.

It looks good and works even better. Community is also strong point of sidux – people gathered there are not only helpful but most of all knowledgeable. One can find an answer to most of ones Linux connected questions by simply searching on Forum or taking a look into fantastic Manual or last but not least – on sidux-Wiki (check the links!).

You can also find direct help very often  from sidux developers or other high-skilled sidux-fans here – on sidux-IRC..

One way or another – if you not only want to “run Linux”…. (he he – it seems it’s more and more “in”…or “cool”, isn’t it? 😉  ) – but also LEARN Linux and how your computer actually works – try sidux – you will not only get fully functioning, modern Debian based Linux – but also help from real professionals.

It’s not easy to convince me to be a fan of anything – sidux managed to make it.

Try it – you will find out that I do not exaggerate.

Best wishes to all – and one more time – Big Thank You to sidux-folk from,

tami 🙂

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Yesterday the first preview of an upcoming 3rd release of sidux 2007-03 “Γαῖα” have been released. Forums are busy – and it seems that the full-featured release of sidux “Γαῖα” will be as worth of trying as the previous ones 🙂

IMHO sidux is not only worth trying but also worth maintaining. The reasons for it are simple:

1. It is Debian Sid

2. It is made by professionals

3 It’s relatively easy to maintain – you do not need to reinstall every 6th month (under two conditions though – that you will keep the fast pace of upgrading distro every day 😉 – the script by h2 – called now smxi – will be your best friend and that you will read warnings on sidux forum – where you can also find the best help available around.)

4. It’s fast, stable (yes – this flavor of Sid is stable), fresh and…hmmm… as friendly as Γαῖα should be…

The best recommendation I could give is that it is installed as THE ONLY operating system on both of my machines for soon 1/2 year now. Even my PCLinuxOS addicted husband had to admit lately that the best rescue LiveCD is… sidux…he he…

Handy links for newcomers:

sidux forum

sidux manual

download link 1 (http) and download link 2 (ftp) – (if you are new to Linux – wait for the stable release – which is to come in 2-3 weeks!)

and last but not least – splendid help-tool => smxi script by h2 (besides – his back-up script – – is as brilliant as smxi… Big thanks! )

All of the best and have fun with sidux,


“Obligatory” screenshot – this is how sidux can also look – here with fvwm-crystal window manager.

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