Hi and Welcome :o)
Who am I?…”lost particle in the Space”… ;o)
Seriously – I am the human being who likes to travel, taking pictures, “playing” with Linux and…experimenting with my life.
I’m also a mother to 21 years old Guy – Kamil, whom I’m very proud of! He is “cool” – living alone in Denmark (originally Kamil is Polish…as me!) and working in Copenhagen. He’s also very talented programmer, web designer and last but not least – RPG player (active member of the Odense’s RPG Community!).You can visit his Webpage (with his creations!) here: http://brego.deviantart.com/ or here: http://brego.dk/
…and the most important for me – I am living for more than 2 years now in very happy relation with Aicani – he’s the main reason I am living in Oslo, Norway, now :o) Aicani is extremely talented photographer (you can visit him on Fotki: http://members.fotki.com/Aicani/ , very talented poet and smart Linux user (currently – PCLinuxOS) – I love Aicani’s creations – just take a look at his last “baby” : http://home.broadpark.no/~aicanih/ass.html

If you think about trying something different than Window$* – do not hesitate to PM me or Aicani…lol – we are using Linux (Open Source Software!) for more than a year now – and we are always ready to help!
I am the proud Ubuntu Linux user #6233 (using exclusively Linux and Open Source Software since February/March 2006…), proud sidux user since autemn 2006 and – last but not least – happy Arch Linux user since December 2007.

…I also created some blogs around…lol Mostly connected to photography and pictures.

A bit of fun:

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