Moonlit Minds

Yeps – few days ago we, me and Aicani, have decided to start our own website:

So, I installed worpress there – and there you have it – my new blog – Moonlit Minds.

This one will be a bit different than tamilinux – a bit broader subjects and definitely not about Linux only! My interests have changed lately – that’s why…

Well, it does not mean I will not run Linux – no!I am and I will be running exclusively Linux – right now Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex… 🙂

I will also not stop to write about Linux either. But – my howto’ es seem less and less needed – Linux, especially some distributions, is very easy for most of the users.

So, if you are also interested in a bit different points of view on Linux, technology and its influence on culture and communication between people – you may check my new blog… You are welcome!