Well – Awesome is still awesome – in the upcoming version 3 (installed from git) – it’s really stable and full of nice features.

Today I would like to post some screen shots and my new .awesomerc file together with .conkyrc. I suppose that there are more and more people interested in this Window Manager – and what I would like to do is to help. You can, of course, find many more configuration files on the Net (my favourites are those of Gigamo, phraok and last but not least – calmar – who also contributes to Awesome WM developing. Just search for those nicknames on Google – and you will probably get nice configuration files).

Anyway, here come my today’s screen shots:

I hope you like it! Notice conky piped to bottom panel… 🙂

And here come configuration files of conky and AwesomeWM:



Perhaps it will be of a little help for everybody willing to try – according to me – the best Window Manager ever! 😉


tami 🙂

PS. Wallpaper from the wallpapers pack by Miheer from deviantArt – here’s the link:


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