I installed Arch Linux on another partition – side by side with sidux 😉

I tried to accomplish the task around a year ago – without a success, he he.

This time – it seemed rather easy – after reading carefully the instructions – splendid Beginners Guide – on the Arch Linux Wiki my “compie” is “up and running” – or should I say – FLYING! I have to admit that it is fantastic piece of engineering work. But – one should read very carefully theirs Forum and Wiki to setup the hardware. Here everything is set – external hard disk, camera, video camera, dvd burner… It took me two days – but it was worth it! 🙂

Sidux is much easier – both installation and hardware setup working mostly out of the box – but “playing” with Arch gives the great satisfaction and teaches you quite a lot.

OK – just for now my desktop features XFCE with original wallpaper – despite Marvin coming from Everaldo icon set I found on KDE-look site.

Here’s the screenshot:

Arch Linux

I hope you enjoy it. Anyway – this is my new toy:)

It does not mean I will not run sidux any longer – my plan is to maintain both of those masterpieces and observe the development of two differently based rolling-release distro’ es.

Have a nice day.

tami 🙂