…yeah – sidux is one year old. Just one year and still you can wonder how life has looked before this Linux and Debian flavor came to life 😉

Anyway – today I manged at last to install it on my 8GB USB-stick. I have sidux-Eros Live together with my keys, mini-pocket-knife and and mini-torch now. No more Windows on borrowed laptops. What a relief…

Long live sidux!

Best wishes from grateful,

tami 🙂

PS. If you, wonderful developers of sidux, feel like too less challenges lately – how about special version of sidux for Asus EEE PC ? 😀 😉

EDIT: UUUps – it seems I overlooked one very important ting.

It seems that Assus violates GPL in its product 😦 :



So, it’s nearly impossible and for sure – very difficult! – for the engineers of sidux to make the fully working version for the little EEE PC…

What a pity!

This could be such nice tool.

I hope that they (developers connected to Assus) will release the code for we really wanted to own it (me and my husband)…

Anyway – all the best to all hard working and honest people around from


EDIT: it seems that missig code was a mistake. Read the article on engadget

Actually I am glad! Perhaps some smart people will now be able to make Asus EEE work with sidux or FaunOS… I really hope so!

All the best from still a bit busy ,

tami 🙂