Aicani, my husband, and me – we have spent last weekend on building computer “from scratch” 🙂

…and – we succeeded! Computer’s name is tamaic – it’s very fast comparing to my previous one which served me very well for a year.

Of course, I installed the newest sidux Gaia on it – runs splendid (despite of not working – again! – printer – Lexmark. Probably it’s the highest time to exchange printer…).

Here follow specifications of my new “friend” 😉 :

Box includes:
Cabinet: X-Gear Nero kabinett SORT
Main board with integrated graphic card (NVidia GeForce 7050): ASRock ALiveNF7G-HDready
Processor AMD Sempron: 3600+ 2.0GHz Socket AM2 Boxed
Memory/ RAM: Kingston 1024MB DDR2 PC5300
Hard drive: Seagate 80GB DiamondMAX 21 SATA2
DVD-burner: NEC AD-7170 DVD±RW 18x Dual layer

And the “results” of infobash -v3:

Host/Kernel/OS “tamaic” running Linux x86_64 [ sidux 2007-03.1 – Γαια – kde-full – (200708151429) ]
CPU Info AMD Sempron 3600+ 256 KB cache flags( sse sse2 nx lm pni ) clocked at [ 1000.000 MHz ]
Videocard nVidia Unknown device 053b X.Org 1.3.0 [ 1280×1024 @50hz ]
Network cards nVidia Unknown device 054c, at port: d880

Processes 97 | Uptime 8:02 | Memory 334.4/879.0MB | HDD ATA MAXTOR STM380215 Size 80GB (12%used) | GLX Renderer GeForce 7050 PV / NVIDIA nForce 630a/PCI/SSE2 | GLX Version 2.1.1 NVIDIA 100.14.11 | Client Shell | Infobash v2.67

Pictures (this time not screen shots!) of TAMAIC powered by LINUX SIDUX!:





Tamaic is not only faster than my old one – it’s also very inexpensive – ca 1/3 of the price of “ready made” one with the same specifications… and – we had a lot of fun while putting it together.

Best wishes to all from very glad

tami 🙂