I used last two days on developing new image of my sidux desktop – to make it still more helpful and perhaps also serving more productivity…

Thanks to my Debian set up and Google search I found two brilliant applications: when and todo.txt.

When is “an extremely simple personal calendar program” as they say on their web page – but as for me – simple is beautiful! It works splendid showing you upcoming tasks and calendar. Adding tasks is simple and requires only ability to write in your favorite editor…

Todo.txt is simple script developed by Gina Trappani – you’ve probably heard of her and the Lifehacker web site, don’t you? 😉 If not – I strongly recommend the place as you can find a lot of nice tips not only for using computer CLI but also some practical life hints (PLI…? 😉 ) Check f.i. Gina’s text here.

Following hints on when and todo.txt web pages (though changing them slightly…LOL) I added both applications to my .bashrc.

And this is how my sidux/wmii desktop welcomes me now while opening terminal:

Happy “human productivity”,

tami 🙂

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EDIT: another nice tool found or rather rediscovered by me last week is pal.

You can install it on any Debian based distro by simply:

# apt-get install pal

This is very nice, little application which lets you organize your events as well as TODO list! read the man page to learn more, please 🙂

After installing it you can also add it to your .bahsrc:

$ pal -r 7

and than, of course reload your bash by typing a commend:

$ source .bashrc

The effect of your editing will be nice calendar + todo and events list at the bash prompt (each time you open your terminal). See new screenshot:


Happy “sourcing” 😉