Yesterday the first preview of an upcoming 3rd release of sidux 2007-03 “Γαῖα” have been released. Forums are busy – and it seems that the full-featured release of sidux “Γαῖα” will be as worth of trying as the previous ones 🙂

IMHO sidux is not only worth trying but also worth maintaining. The reasons for it are simple:

1. It is Debian Sid

2. It is made by professionals

3 It’s relatively easy to maintain – you do not need to reinstall every 6th month (under two conditions though – that you will keep the fast pace of upgrading distro every day 😉 – the script by h2 – called now smxi – will be your best friend and that you will read warnings on sidux forum – where you can also find the best help available around.)

4. It’s fast, stable (yes – this flavor of Sid is stable), fresh and…hmmm… as friendly as Γαῖα should be…

The best recommendation I could give is that it is installed as THE ONLY operating system on both of my machines for soon 1/2 year now. Even my PCLinuxOS addicted husband had to admit lately that the best rescue LiveCD is… sidux…he he…

Handy links for newcomers:

sidux forum

sidux manual

download link 1 (http) and download link 2 (ftp) – (if you are new to Linux – wait for the stable release – which is to come in 2-3 weeks!)

and last but not least – splendid help-tool => smxi script by h2 (besides – his back-up script – – is as brilliant as smxi… Big thanks! )

All of the best and have fun with sidux,


“Obligatory” screenshot – this is how sidux can also look – here with fvwm-crystal window manager.

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