The best news of the day! 🙂 The new release of sidux – Debian Sid based distro is out today.

I am using it on my desktop since first release – it’s running smooth, without any glitches. It’s the first distro I do not have problems with my old ATI Rage graphic card, my “ancient” DVD drive and CDROM. I could also connect and use! my Lexmark 3 in 1 printer here. Connecting camera (Cannon PS 2 IS) is a breeze, the same with external hard drive.The best of all is possibility to maintain distro up-to-date through regular upgrades without necessity to reinstall it with each new release. The script by h2 is making it safe and easy – under the condition that you check regularly upgrade warnings 😉 and do not upgrade if apt-get wants to remove something.

This flavor of Linux is also looking very well – the developers provide lite version of KDE (easy to expand through apt-get). Not being a fan of neither KDE nor Gnome, I have to admit that the version of KDE provided by sidux is nice and I am using it!

A s mentioned earlier you do not have to reinstall to keep the distro up-to-date. My desktop is “Τάρταρος” now :). But, as I promised before – I plan to install it also on my laptop. I will keep you inform of the results soon.

Anyway – once again – if you plan to “move” to Linux, you are not afraid of learning or you are tired of constant re-installations 😉 – and you want to have fast, reliable OS and newest software – try “hot and spicy” sidux. It’s worth it!


sidux with urxvt

Wallpaper – the newest sidux Chilli wallpaper by Cathbard, KDE – simple, clean – a bit surrealistic – look 😉