What about “one-liners” at the beginning…?I think they are great wink …small “programs” making your life so much easier…

My real “adventure” with Linux has started from little program called: conky (available from repositories of all main Linux distributions!)

conky has very easy to edit configuration file…

You can change it’s behaviour instantly – and it can show you nearly everythig you want to know about your computer (& not only…) just right in front of you – on your desktop.

It can also show you the weather forcast, time, titles of the song played currently by your computer and even – predict your future…LOL – displaying fortune cookies. Isn’t it great…?cool

…but seriously – “tweaking” conky is a very good exercise to learn that you can (with the tme…) change the behaviour of your computer – adjusting it to your needs…

Here’s my configuration file (.conkyrc which you simply can save in /home/<yourusername>/.conkyrc ).


Important: in my file I am using mpd (music daemon), fortune and cowthink (fortune cookies program…and funny drawings in command linetongue_out), and pymetar(python program displaying weather) and pom (from BSD games) – those programs are usualy available (under those or similiar names) from repositories – currently I am running Debian but I checked that the set up is possible under Zenwalk and various derivatives of Ubuntu.

Here’s how it looks:conky


tami 🙂