Here are two more screenshots of FVWM-Crystal on Zenwalk 4.0.

I have to admit (being the fan on Fluxbox!) that the performance of my “compie” is not very much different to Zenwalk 4.0 with Fluxbox. I would say it’s comparable 🙂


With my “fav” applications opened (conky, aterm, Eterm…and…hm – Firefox) – second “screenie” features opened menu of FVWM-Crystal.

I made one more wallpaper for the fans of Zenwalk, he he…

Available here:

PS. FVWM-Crystal has brilliant keybindings to manage your music if you use XMMS2 or MPD (mini-howto on MPD coming soon – stay tuned! 😉 )

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