This below was posted originally on Fluxbuntu Forum:

“…and as to keyboard – your keyboard is as well supported as on Ubuntu – you will just have to manually edit your xorg.conf file:

Simply add your languages shortcuts to the line describing your keyboard.

Mine looks like this:

Option “XkbLayout” “no,pl”

Yours should probably look as follows

Option “XkbLayout” “de,fr”

If you would like to have keyboard switch try following solution.

Open the file /home/<yourusername>/.fluxbox/menu

Then edit the file adding following lines:


[submenu] (Keyboards)
[exec] (de) {setxkbmap de}
[exec] (fr) {setxkbmap fr}

IMPORTANT: Check, please, the shortcuts for your keyboard layout firstly – I was just guessing that de=German and fr=French 😉Wink

Anyway: in this way you will be able to change the layout of your keyboard from the menu.

It should look similiar to this (this is from my computer with Polish and Norwegian layouts 🙂 ):

I hope it will help a bit,


….hmmm my first trial to write Fluxbox mini-howto…


tami 🙂

PS. More tips on how to edit screenshots in Gimp can be found here