….so how come?

I created and posted first time here in February this year. I think I was still dual booting with Windows…and to tell you the true – being a Windows user you are not smart, you are “spoiled” a bit…and…ufff…you are lazy… 😉 😛

Anyway – the place here seemed too complicated and too less visually attractive those times…lol So – I kept using Opera blog and Blogger – the places are simply made for people without much requirements, not willing to tweak a bit…and last but not least – not prepare to read!

I suppose we all are a bit spoiled – we believe everything can be done by think-less “point and click”…Nevertheless – the results are as the method – “brainless”…

I converted exclusively to Ubuntu/ Linux in March – yeah, yeah, yeah…this is possible and – this is not so difficult. What’s more – it gives you much more possibilities!

You see – I am an amateur photographer… My photos are the very important part of my life – not only them – also the pictures created digitally in the computer… Many people think it’s impossible to have as much fun playing with pictures in Linux as in Windows…lol….and I know it is not truth!

…I just want to point out that I am not a pro… just an amateur – but – I know and I was using Photo-Shop… but the newest


gives you really A LOT of possibilities and, of course – it is FREE…for Linux as well as for Windows users…(check the link – “click” on GIMP…)

I will try to show here some possibilities the GIMP and other free software is giving for digital photography and pictures enthusiasts…Some of those will be created by me, some by my friends (some of whom I “converted” to free software…and Linux…)

…and why I am doing it…? He he he – because I realized one thing – at least in my case, I changed my attitude towards computer using and became a bit more creative after changing OS (operating system)… I think it’s simply a bit healthier… that’s all…

Have a nice time and best wishes from

tami 🙂

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